Our solutions for different industries

Interactive maps can be used in virtually any industry. On this page, we have gathered some common purposes for our maps to get you started. If you need a location-based solution for something completely different, just contact us and we’ll guide you through the possibilities.

What can you do with Zoneatlas interactive maps?

We have built a powerful map editor called Zonemanager. It’s packed with useful features to cover the needs of nature areas, digital marketing organizations and other travel businesses – just to name a few.

The main features of Zonemanager include:

  • Creating locations, routes and areas
  • Adding rich content, such as pictures and links
  • Categorizing and filtering
  • Searching
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Customizable branding

Zonemanager’s functionality can easily be expanded. Use your interactive map to gather feedback and engage your audience, or start displaying real-time locations of moving objects in addition to static content. Zonemanager is the right tool for all your mapping needs.

Outdoors and hiking

Each outdoor destination is unique. Each map should also be unique to represent the beautiful nature and its exciting trails.

Travel and tourism

Help your visitors make the most out of their time and guide them to the best services with an interactive map.

Manufacturing and logistics

An interactive map is an effective way to bring your work and produtcs visible to your customers. Show your work and stock status on an informative map.

Real estate

Attracting more buyers and providing them with the best information helps you sell properties faster. Gain the advantage with beautiful interactive maps.

Infrastructure and construction

Effortlessly share information with your core audience using professional, interactive maps.

Entertainment and leisure

It’s all about capturing your audience’s attention and leading them to your services. Take full control of your are with interactive maps.