Discover the unknown.

Help visitors find places and services

with interactive maps.

Gain insight.

Make your organization and area more attractive

Create your own custom online map and visualize services on it. Build interactions and show your content beautifully. No coding needed.

Deepen customer relationships by enabling participation

Communicate live with your customers and let your customers communicate with each other. Improve customer service and make service more effective by letting users also solve each others concerns.

Things we make easy for you:

Intuitive interactive maps

  • Fully customizable maps
  • Locations and services on map
  • Timetables
  • Public transportation
  • Real-time queue information
  • Shareable lists of favourites

Real-time feedback

  • Map templates
  • Showing real-time data on map
  • Moderation
  • Sharing feedback
  • Data filtering
  • Analytics
  • Collecting data

Putting data on map

  • Showing locations and areas
  • Adding intuitive info graphics
  • Filtering information
  • Downloading and sharing source data
  • Integrations made easy

How do we do it?

Frontend & Branding

What do you want your service to look like? You can make it consistent with your organization's brand or totally unique.

Communication Channel

Do you want social media elements to your service? You can add discussion features, star ratings, liking features or other social media elements to your service.

Location & Routes

What location and route information do you want in your service? You can add your organization's own places and services, third party geo information or public transportation to your service.

Map Template

What kind of map do you want in your service? City map, topographical map or fully customized map?

Content Database

What content do you want to show in your service? You can add and edit all of your contents with easy to use content management interface.

System Integrations

What kind of system integrations do you want the service to have? You can integrate it to your organization's internal systems or for example to social media services.

What have we been up to lately?


Retkikompassi - A social map service for hikers

Retkikompassi allows hikers to find the best trails, leave feedback and share their pictures with other users. You can check out the Finnish version here:

Retkikompassi being used on a smartphone

Stopover Guide - What to do near Helsinki Airport

We recently launched a service for stopover travellers stopping at Helsinki Airport. You can check out the service here:

Route Guide to Nuuksio National Park

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