Supercharge your digital services with our expertise

Service design, UX and UI design, technology development, design and production of maps, consultation of GIS and software projects.

Working with us is straightforward, and our comprehensive experience from different fields is at your service.

Service design and user experience

Hot to design a service, that the users love? How to create outstanding user experience and take WCAG into consideration?

Severi Vihavainen

Product Owner, Partner
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+358 50 472 2272

Technology development and consultation

Our company has a long history in software development and we have some serious know-how in different technologies and procurement of services. Our tech team helps you succeed with your digital project.

Teemu Joensuu

CEO, M. Sc. (Tech.)
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+358 50 373 9997


Content is king also in maps. If your area is missing an uncluttered, up-to-date map, our internationally sought-after map planners can solve your problems.

Timo Joensuu

Head of GIS and Cartography
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+358 50 356 1775

You are in good company

Our interactive maps are used by cities, nature areas, events
and even state-owned enterprises. Just to name a few.