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Heading towards global markets

Since the founding of our company in 2001, we have helped our clients digitalize their services. It is with great pride that we still serve many of the same companies, that have stayed with us since the beginning.

By continuously developing our products and focusing on our expertise in geo-information and interactive map solutions, we can now serve an even larger audience. Our helpful, agile and humane attitude remains in the core of everything that we do in the future as well.

We warmly welcome you to join us in this new journey.

Zoneatlas Teemu Joensuu henkilökuva

Teemu Joensuu
CEO, Founder
+358 50 373 9997

Zoneatlas Timo Joensuu henkilökuva

Timo Joensuu
Head of GIS and Cartography
+358 50 356 1775

Zoneatlas Severi Vihavainen henkilökuva

Severi Vihavainen
UX Specialist
+358 50 472 2272

Zoneatlas Jussi-Tapani Hyvärinen henkilökuva

Jussi-Tapani Hyvärinen
Full-stack Developer

Zoneatlas Tiina Hytönen henkilökuva

Tiina Hytönen
Full-stack Developer

Zoneatlas Miiro Seppänen henkilökuva

Miiro Seppänen
Design Lead

Zoneatlas Ilkka Janatuinen henkilökuva

Ilkka Janatuinen
UX Designer

Zoneatlas Heidi Happonen henkilökuva

Heidi Happonen
Full-stack Developer

Zoneatlas Mikko Seppälä henkilökuva

Mikko Seppälä
Sales & Marketing


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