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Make your area stand out and start attracting more visitors. With Zoneatlas Discover you can easily create a stylish and user-friendly interactive map.

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Help your visitors discover your services

Tell the unique story of your area and start attracting more visitors. Whether you need a map for a single nature trail or multiple cities, Zoneatlas Discover helps you reach your goals.

We combined everything you need in a user-friendly package and sprinkled some unique features on top of it. Create locations, routes and areas in the blink of an eye, categorize and stylize all the objects to your liking and embed the map to your website with a couple of clicks.

Give your visitors the right tool the plan their trip and even exceed their expectations. Using an interactive map-based solution can make your services easier to find, improve the overall customer experience and even boost your sales.

Interactive maps in your style

Make your area stand out from the competition with a customizable and beautiful visual style. Your map should fit seamlessly around everything else on your website - or be easily recognizable even on its own.

Choose beautiful colors and hand-crafted icons from our collection or spice things up with your own creations. No matter what you choose, you’ll get a modern and functional map service that looks stunning on every device.

The state-of-the-art design combined with carefully crafted user experience creates a combination that helps you stand out and serve your customers better right from the start.

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The power of ZoneManager at your fingertips

We made the administration easy so you can focus on the things that matter the most to you.

ZoneManager is the smoothly running engine behind your map. It is packed with tons of useful features and a clean user interface to help you achieve your goals easier and faster.

Just create or import the objects, pick the right style and embed the map on your website.

Main features of Zoneatlas Discover

Find out what you can do with an interactive map. These are the main features of Zoneatlas Discover that will cover the most common uses. There are also many other things included in the Discover-plan, including content scheduling, user access restriction and tags for the map objects.

Create POIs, routes and areas

Add locations, routes and areas on your map with just a couple of clicks. Style them to look the way you want and group them into categories.

Attach additional information

Enrich the objects on your map with photos, text, action buttons, tags and even AR content. All the information is shown on a beautiful card when the object is clicked.

Filter and categorize

Filter the content and make discovering the right things even easier. Custom categories gives you total control about the filtering options.


Find the right information quickly with the search tool. Searching happens immediately based on the names of your objects.

Make it your own

Style the map itself and all the objects on it to fit your brand and serve the right purpose. Category-level options make styling quick and easy.

Import and integrate

Drag and drop a GeoJSON file to ZoneManager to import existing locations on your map. You can also integrate the map to your own or third party services.

Examples of use for interactive maps

Destination marketing for cities and communities

Interactive maps for events and festivals

Trail maps for nature areas and parks

Property listings for real-estate companies

Tourist attractions and travel businesses

Infrastructure and construction

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