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We take pride in every map and guide service we provide. On this page, we showcase some of our partnerships and what our products have achieved with them.


Trail and area guide of Ylläs

We conducted extensive background research and designed a new trail guide for Ylläs, covering skiing, winter trails, cycling, hiking, and snowmobiling.

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Mass Event Maps for the Olympic Stadium of Helsinki

We implemented a 3d-model based interactive map for the Olympic Stadium of Helsinki, showcasing all the services and sales points in the mass events.

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Guide map for Lumo Light Festival in Oulu

We created event map for the Light Festival, showcasing the installations and nearby services for easy navigation. With our implemented WordPress plugins, the contents seamlessly integrate into the website.

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Kuopio Night of Arts guide map

We created event map for the Night of Arts in the City of Kuopio.

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Outdoor maps of UUVI

We created interactive outdoor maps for Uusimaa Recreational Area Association (UUVI), showcasing nearly 100 Uusimaa recreational areas. The map includes easy navigation of different areas, their detailed trails, services and other points of interest.

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Guide map of Inishbofin island

Inishbofin Island improved their travel services making them easier to find with our travel map product. The map highlights tourism services, routes, and key attractions of the area.

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