Stylish and smart maps for your outdoor area

Guide your customers to the right trails and enhance customer experience with an easy-to-use outdoor map. Generate profits with paid additional services.

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What's it all about?

An intuitive way to showcase trails

Present different types of trails and services in an intuitive and stylish manner. Include safety alerts and other up-to-date information on the map as well.

Create the content only once

Update the information about trails and services using an easy-to-use content management tool. Easily import and combine information from other sources as well.

Embed into your communication channels

Seamlessly integrate the map into your own channels through website embeds, digital displays, custom applications, or even automatically generated paper maps.

Intuitive features of Zoneatlas Outdoor Maps

Show essential information with just one button press

Display different activities and their associated routes and destinations with an intuitive activity selection feature.

Show relevant locations and additional information

Add locations and services to the map and enrich the information with images, video, audio or even AR content.

Display advanced route information

Incorporate trail difficulty levels, automatic maintenance information and other relevant trail information into your map.

All map controls at your fingertips with Zonemanager

Zonemanager is the map editor where it all happens.

With Zonemanager you can easily add locations, routes and areas to your map, and communicate meaningful information to your customers.

Multi-level maps and different user levels help you manage even the largest areas with ease.

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Main features of Zonemanager

Create POIs, routes and areas

Add different locations, routes and areas effortlessly on a map

Attach additional information

Enrich your map with images, videos, links and other content


Organize your places and routes easily with categories


Bring content to your map easily from other data sources through integrations


Make the map look like your brand with custom colors and other useful settings

Multi-level maps

Manage multiple areas and subareas through multi-level maps


Expand your service with versatile accessories

Trail maintenance information

Show real-time GPS tracking of trail maintenance vehicles and the current condition of the trails on map.

Live locations for pop up places

Display moving pop-up places to your customers in real-time on the map.

3D model of your area

Facilitate area visualization with a stylish 3D model.

Embed trail cards

Combine trail segments into packaged trails and embed them as trail cards on your own website.

AR content

Bring your area and its attractions alive with AR content.

Audio guiding

Guide your visitors with easy-to-use audio guides.

Fundraising & paywall

Offer additional paid services and products to your customers.

Live tracking of ski buses

Show your ski bus locations on the map in real-time.

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