For Parks, Peaks and Nature Areas

Let visitors experience your area in an exciting way. Activities, services and routes all in one place.

Zone… what?

Zoneatlas is a tool for making your own interactive map service. With Zoneatlas you let your customers get information about your area and it’s services at a glance – in a solid experience.

Routes, activities, services, feedback and travel planning all in one place. In a simple way!

Deliver better experiences for visitors 

Help your customers plan and enjoy their trip by giving them all the information they need – and even more!

Show routes, activities and services on a custom map with impressive visuals and add useful content to them.

Elevate your service with multidirectional communication

By enabling user-generated content you can have real-time feedback from your visitors and also let visitors help each other.

Commenting, liking, star ratings, up and down voting – whatever suits you best!

What have we been up to lately?


Stopover Guide - What to do near Helsinki Airport

We recently launched a service for stopover travellers stopping at Helsinki Airport. You can check out the service here:

Route Guide to Nuuksio National Park

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Teemu Joensuu

CEO / Founder