Introducing the next generation digital maps of Ylläs area.

Ylläs has long been a winter wonderland, attracting tourists from around the world to its pristine snowy landscapes and bustling ski culture. But as the summer months bring with them a lush transformation of the landscape, so too has the importance of the summer season blossomed, ushering in new investments in mountain biking trails and facilities to embrace the warmer weather.

Ylläs has a total of 7 fells and you can experience 8 seasons within a year. There are intogether 285km of skiing trails, 415 km of snowmobiling trails, 55km marked snowshoeing trails and 98km network of winter biking trails.

When we at Zoneatlas were handed the task of renewing the map of Ylläs, we knew we had to think outside the box. This wasn’t just about a technical update; we wanted to create a service that truly put the users first, catering to their needs and enriching their experience.

Our journey began with an in-depth analysis of our users, delving into the perspectives of tourists, locals, and business owners alike. This was an enlightening process, revealing the unique needs and expectations each group had from the map. Balancing these diverse requirements was no small feat.

Our approach was simple yet effective. We stripped back the map, removing any unnecessary functionality and only reintroducing features that were truly essential. This allowed us to focus on what mattered most. One key feature we were keen to incorporate as a new functionality to the digital map, was the visualization of track difficulty. This has been a beloved aspect of the paper maps that had been conspicuously absent from its digital counterparts.

June 2023 marked the release of our summer map, a preliminary step before the bustling winter season. While some functionalities, such as the measurement tool, were initially absent, user feedback prompted us to reintroduce this feature, further refining the map in collaboration with Ylläs.

The impact of this renewal has been profound. Content management has become more streamlined, and the once burdensome user registration and payment functionalities are now a breeze for Ylläs. Additionally, the integration of open data sources has significantly reduced the workload for content creators. The positive feedback from our users has been the cherry on top, affirming our efforts.

Made with Zoneatlas Outdoor maps -product

With the winter map now ready to go, we are excited to unveil the new updates and features that will further enhance the user experience.

Moreover, we are proud to offer this map as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, extending our reach to other destinations in search of an innovative mapping solution.

In the end, our mission remains the same: to help users discover the hidden gems of their chosen destination, be it the snow-covered peaks of Ylläs in winter or its lush green landscapes in summer.

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