Use Case: Supporting virtual events with maps

The year 2020 has forced most events to go into virtual mode. Thanks to modern technology, it is easy to follow the presentations online, but there is a certain sense of locality and belongingness, that is very hard to achieve without physical contact.

But what options does an event have to bridge this gap? We partnered up with Kuntamarkkinat to demonstrate how maps can be the missing link.

Kuntamarkkinat is an annual municipal fair in Finland that gathers together thousands of decision-makers from central and local governments. This year the two-day event consisted of more than 200 seminars and over 6000 professionals from all over the country.

In order to help the event, we created a map-based data visualization for Kuntamarkkinat to illustrate the number of attendees from different municipalities. In addition, the color-coding demonstrates the number of participants from each city in relation to their respective populations.

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The data was also available in text format to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

“This was just a glimpse of how map-based solutions can help virtual events, but the possibilities are enormous, for instance in map-based discussion“, says Teemu Joensuu.

The interactive map created even some friendly competition as the attendees started to compare the statistics with neighboring towns.

“There is something similar in attending events and using maps. It awakens same kind of primal instincts in people”, Joensuu adds.

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