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See where your vehicles or equipment is moving

Attach real-time geographical information on a map with Zoneatlas Live.

Zoneatlas Live™ - Display real-time data on a map

Take your interactive map to the next level with a combination of static elements and automatic, real-time information.

Latukoneen reaaliaikainen sijainti esitettynä Zoneatlas Liven avulla

Stay always up-to-date

Stop guessing and start following real-time information.

Utilize location history

Combine geographical information with your routes to see when a specific segment has been used.

Easy initialization and extensive compatibility

Use your own GPS-devices or one from our partners.

Main features of Zoneatlas Live

Display the location of a vehicle

Track the movements of your mobile equipment and display it as a part of your interactive map

Combine with your route network

Automatically display the conditions of a route with smart location tracking

Examples of use

Display the location of a vehicle in real-time

Visualize the location data from your vehicles in style

Track the movements of a trail groomer / ski track machine or other maintenance equipment

Combine the routes of your area with maintenance information

Locate mobile property

Our partners can provide you with cost-effective LoRa-trackers with long battery life

Display queue information on a map

Use different sensors to tell your visitors about queue lengths

Visualize traffic data

Solutions for visualizing data from intelligent transportation systems

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