Don't do it by yourself - Gather maintenance information with crowdsourcing

Keeping track of maintenance needs and gathering new information are among the most common uses for crowdsourcing. Save valuable time and build better relations with your potential customers.

It all begins with the right data

Do you have an existing dataset to validate and improve or are you looking for new location-based observations straight from the users? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Ask the right questions to match your goals

What kind of input do you want to get from the users? Depending on the goals you can choose to ask for photographic evidence, exact locations, ratings or easy-to-answer questions.

So whatever you want to know, give your users the perfect channel to share their views with you.

Stylize to make it your own

We want you to have a service that fits your existing brand and suits the purpose both visually and functionally.

There’s a selection of beautiful base maps for you to choose from, or you can fine-tune the details yourself. Finish the map by choosing the right colors from our hand-picked palette or enter your own hex values to make the map stand out from the crowd.

Communicate, crowdsource, repeat

It all comes down to encouraging public participation to get enough reliable data. Map-based crowdsourcing is best used in a campaign-like and providing the users some sort of compensation for their efforts. It doesn’t even have to be monetary as long as the users feel they are making a difference.

Analyze the results and make better decisions

The last step is going through the acquired data to find out what the public actually thinks. What were your expectations? What did you learn? What findings surprised you the most? Base your key decisions on crowdsourced data and keep on communicating with the users to let them know which problems they helped you to solve.

Come say hi 👋

Now that you know the basics of Zoneatlas Engage, it’s time to find out what we can do for you!

Even if we didn’t cover your specific use-case, come meet us and help us develop the best crowdsourcing platform on the market.