Zoneatlas Engage™ - Map based participation

Zoneatlas Engage is a map based participation platform that helps you gather location specific feedback and interact with your customers. Engaging your audience with an interactive map is easy and effective.

An example of public participation geographic information system, also known as PPGIS

Empower the users with public participation

Give your users the power to become a part of the decision-making and share their best ideas with you. Just decide what you want to know and let the audience fill in the rest.

You can have users creating and placing original content on a map and commenting on entries by other users. Answers, dialogue and pictures combined with location data give you a great overview of everything you want to know.

Deepen the relationship with your audience

Be present in the right location at the right time. Zoneatlas Engage gives you the tools to engage your audience in a meaningful conversation, gather feedback with a map-based survey or create polls to a restricted group.

Become a part of the conversation or use Zoneatlas Engage to create a survey on your map.

Crowdsource data-collection for efficient decision-making

Use Participatory GIS to gather data and understand how users feel about your area and services. Zoneatlas Engage is perfect for crowdsourced data collection and gamification.

Start engaging your customers

Main features of Zoneatlas Engage

User participation is a powerful tool when combined with geographic information. These are the main features of Zoneatlas Engage that help you connect better with your audience.

Easy interaction with your audience

Start the conversation by creating objects on your map and letting the users comment on them. Or allow your audience to freely create their own entries and share their thoughts with pictures on any location.

Map-based surveys and announcements

Create a survey to gather map-based feedback or publish an announcement on a specific location to guide the users' attention in the right direction.

Likes and dislikes

Sometimes the simplest methods are the most convenient. Thumbs up or thumbs down gives you an easily glanceable overview of the general public’s opinions.

Custom categories

Sort different entries, such as comments and pictures into the right categories. Categorization gives you one more tool to get an effective overview of the users' opinions.

Content moderation

Keep the content relevant and appropriate using the included moderating tools. You can crowdsource the moderation or do it yourself.

Everything in Zoneatlas Discover

Zoneatlas Engage also includes all the features of Zoneatlas Discover.
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Examples of use for map based participation


Is your information accurate? Engage the public to improve your existing data or provide new points of view.

Customer experience

What does your audience think? Collect feedback, quick reactions and insightful photos to understand the needs of your customers.

Area development

How to plan a better future? Empower your users by giving them a channel to share their own ideas or vote for their favorite options.

Made with Zoneatlas interactive map solutions

You can read more about Retkikompassi at Participedia is a crowdsourcing platform for researchers, activists, practitioners, and anyone interested in public participation and democratic innovations.

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Create an interactive map

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