Zoneatlas Engage™ - Map based participation

Zoneatlas Engage is a map based participation platform that helps you gather location specific feedback and interact with your customers. Engaging your audience with an interactive map is easy and effective.

Retkikompassi is a platform for map based participation

Empower your customers or citizens by offering a channel for participation

Give the users power to create and place content on a map and comment on entries by other users. A picture by a user tells a tale of its own.

Deepen the relationship with the people that matter the most to you

Become a part of the conversation or use Zoneatlas Engage to create a survey on your map.

Lead and make a difference using up-to-date information

Use Participatory GIS to gather data and understand how users feel about your area.

Main features of Zoneatlas Engage

User participation is a powerful tool when combined with geographic information. These are the main features of Zoneatlas Engage that help you connect better with your audience.

Collect comments on a map

Let your visitors share their thoughts about the services, locations and routes of your area

Create map based surveys

Create a survey to gather feedback or attach a bulletin to a specific location

User generated content

Users can add their own content on the map


Let the users express their opinions by giving a thumbs up


Sort different entries, such as comments and pictures into appropriate categories


Keep the content relevant with crowdsourced and partly automated moderation

Examples of use for map based participation

Map based surveys

Customer service

Data collection

Participation in city planning

Reporting maintenance needs

Made with Zoneatlas interactive map solutions

You can read more about Retkikompassi at Participedia is a crowdsourcing platform for researchers, activists, practitioners, and anyone interested in public participation and democratic innovations.

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