The smart city guide Atla puts culture and nature gems in the spotlight

Showcase the cultural and natural gems of your region in a stylish and easy way. With Atla you can compile meaningful routes and lists of the most interesting destinations and paths in your area.

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Put your city's local gems in the spotlight

With Atla you can showcase the cultural and natural sites of your region to a wider audience

Combine meaningful collections from attractions and paths

Instead of a big pile of dots on map, Atla shows cultural and natural destinations as collections that are recommended to users according to their preferences. With the help of Atla the city's street art routes, city tours, nature trails and other interesting routes can be easily found by people.

Easily found in all channels

Use Atla in all channels: in a browser on a mobile phone and on a computer, or download the mobile apps from Google Play or the App Store

Atla's features

With the help of Atla, you can show off the cultural and nature sites and routes of your area in a spectacular way. Combine destinations with routes and paths and enrich the experience with versatile content.

Compile and present hidden local knowledge

Bring historical information to light, document local hidden gems and extensive outdoor trails

Harness the power of social recommendation

Give visitors of your area the opportunity to compile their own themed destination lists, and title the destinations according to the right reason for visiting

Embed destination cards, lists and maps on websites

Present and familiarize yourself with local content in a free and modern format. Available are image, text, AR, 3D, sound & video content, temporary events, location-based content and combinations of these.

Import, combine and refine information with easy-to-use tools

With the content tool behind Atla, you can easily display content you have produced elsewhere in the service, and create impressive routes and collections from them.

Current and nearby quick things to do

See the events easily and give visitors the opportunity to find things to do according to the available time

Routes and tours on the map

Publish and find routes, target tours and combinations of different paths. Find a route from your current location to the route's starting point.

Developed in Finland for the needs of cities

A jointly maintained and constantly developing service, the design and production of which takes place in Finland.

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