Make your art path an interactive experience with the help of a guide map

Showcase your art path in a captivating way with an interactive map. Guide visitors through your path with images, text, videos, or even AR content.

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Make the map reflect the artwork

Customize the appearance of the map according to your needs and make it a seamless continuation of the artworks.

Attract and serve users with rich content

You can incorporate images, text, videos, and audio guidance into your map content.

Impeccable content producer experience

Create content directly on the map or import some of the content automatically through our integration with LIPAS and Visit Finland DataHub.

Expand your service with versatile accessories:

Content embeds

Do you want to integrate the art path into your existing web or mobile service? You can easily embed the content into your current channels or even create your own mobile application with our assistance.

Automatic audio guide

Play sounds at specific locations. With our tools, you can automatically guide visitors based on their location.

Atla platform

More visibility for your art paths? Integrate your route into Atla platform, which showcases cultural and natural gems. Gain visibility among users who are actively seeking this type of content.

Paper maps

Do you want to easily create a paper map as well? Utilize the information you have already compiled and seamlessly transfer it to a printed format.

Choose to be a trendsetter

With our tools, you can showcase for example light artwork, historical sights or city’s cultural gems stunningly. Reserve a free demonstration where we can discuss the best way to showcase your location.

The meeting is free and non-binding. We promise not to bother you with repeated contacts after our discussion.

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