Use Zoneatlas-products to quickly and effortlessly create your own stylish, map-based services

Creating custom, interactive maps has usually required long software development projects. We have carefully crafted our products to address the most common issues faced in these situations, so you can easily harness the benefits of modern GIS-services.

Zoneatlas Discover™

Showcase the routes and services of your area in style. Embed the map to your website or use it as a standalone service. Import data from other services or manage it with our easy-to-use tools.

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Zoneatlas Engage™

Gather comments and interact easily on a map with your audience. Get location-specific feedback, fresh ideas or helpful pictures straight from the users. Use our handy and partially automated moderation tools to keep the content the way you want it to be.

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Latukoneiden reaaliaikainen sijainti esitettynä Zoneatlas Liven avulla

Zoneatlas Live™

Display real-time data on a map. Follow vehicles or other moving objects and beautifully visualize information about them. Import data from third party systems or connect the devices straight to our service.

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