Maps as a tool for city marketing

Place branding is an old phenomenon and municipalities have also practiced it for a long time. Some of the famous examples include Jerusalem’s reputation as the Holy City and Las Vegas with its more fast-paced image.

However, the modern masses of easily accessible information require new ideas and continuous development for city brands to really stand out.

This is where map-based solutions also come into play. Using an interactive map may not sound like a groundbreaking idea, but with the right execution it can be a valuable tool to serve both the citizens and administration of the city. A modern interactive map fits the city’s brand and it lets you display vast amounts of information in a clear format.

It all comes down to the user-experience – even the occasional tourists should feel comfortable seeing your map for the first time.

With these things in mind we created Zoneatlas Discover, our interactive map creator that can be used by cities of any size.

Map-based engagement for cities

We have also found out that public engagement is often seen as an important possibility when talking about map-based solutions. Cities, nature areas and businesses have used map-based engagement to track maintenance needs, gather ideas for future development and to find out if the public opinions are in line with their own vision. The subject has been studied more extensively and citizen’s involvement in city branding seems to be on the rise all around the world.

Maps offer an versatile platform for conversation, and with Zoneatlas Engage you can transform your map into a interactive discussion forum. When a random tourist or even a seasoned local is exploring your map, they can instantly share feedback, ideas and experiences about different locations. Or maybe you just want to create a simple survey and give the general public a change to show what they would do to make the city more attractive? Location-specific feedback is easily interpretable information to support your decision making.

One of the biggest advantages of an interactive service such as Zoneatlas Discover or Zoneatlas Engage is its versatility. It allows you to gather, organize and display data from multiple sources and offer your audience a single service where they can find all that information.