Buyers guideto interactive maps

How to choose the right interactive maps?

We answered the most common questions that our clients have asked and combined them with some best practices that have proven to be useful across different industries.

In this guide you will learn about:

  • What can be done with modern interactive maps?
  • Maps as a part of your brand
  • Communicating the characteristics of your area
  • The importance of usability to save time
  • Making a future-proof decision
  • … and much more
An interactive map with skiing routes shown on a laptop screen

Why should you upgrade your maps?

Interactive maps are a powerful tool to communicate with your audience. In addition to showing individual points on a static map, they can help you gather location-based feedback, visualize different types of data, or even show automated real-time information.

But just the technical side isn’t enough to make your area and services really stand out.

We believe that the key to awesome maps is combining all the right features with great usability and a beautiful design that matches your existing brand.

Your maps should be something you’re proud of – not just a boring necessity that you hide on the bottom of your about page.

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