Interactive maps for cities and communities

You know that your area is great, but does your audience know what makes it so awesome?

Interactive maps are an invaluable tool for cities of every size. Help the citizens and even occasional tourists find the things they are looking for - and also discover something completely new.

Keep reading to find out how modern map-based services can help you attract more visitors and communicate better with them.

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Help citizens and tourists find your services

An interactive map tailored to fit perfectly your existing brand is an effective tool to serve both the citizens and also occasional visitors. Help your audience find the right services, suitable routes and even the hidden attractions with a single service.

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Community engagement

Interact with your audience using a map-based approach. All the conversations, feedback and development ideas are tied to the right location. Just create a survey or let the users interact freely with your map to start gathering valuable information.

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Display dynamic information

Take your maps to the next level with automatically generated real-time information about event schedules, traffic arrangement or the location of a moving object. Everything can be beautifully visualized on your map.

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Projects and consultation

The roots of our company go back all the way to year 2001. Since then we have helped numerous clients digitalize their services. Our broad experience of software development, service design, maps and different GIS-solutions is yours to use.

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