Discovering the hidden gems of Uuvi

The popularity of recreational hiking and outdoor traveling is steadily rising in Finland. Due to the obvious restrictions in different indoor activities, the most popular destinations are occasionally getting even too crowded. However, there are dozens of less-known but equally beautiful nature areas, that have enough capacity to handle all the current traffic and even more.

This is one of the reasons, why the new interactive maps of Uuvi are so important.

But let’s start with a little bit of background information.

The Uuvi association is home to about 40 different outdoor areas spread across its 19 member municipalities in Southern Finland. The different areas vary from forests and lakes to rocky islands and sandy beaches by the sea – and all those areas have their unique routes, locations, and characteristics.

After a recent update, Uuvi already had a distinctive visual style and tons of information about the areas on their website. The old PDF maps however had fallen behind from the rest of the content both visually and functionally – but that is no surprise. Most interactive map editors just don’t have what it takes to handle hundreds of map objects without looking like an absolute nightmare.

So the biggest question was, how can we combine all that information into a map that provides easy access to all the details, but remains easy and intuitive to use even when you want to just take a glimpse at the different destinations.

Content is king – also with maps

It all came down to making the maps feel like a natural part of the content instead of a separate service. By displaying only the right locations in the right context, the combination of maps, text, and other information can really help visitors find new destinations matching their individual needs.

The way that the new maps are integrated into Uuvi’s website makes the whole service unique. The main map gives you an easy overview of all the different areas and helps you narrow down the suitable destinations with versatile filters. Choosing an interesting location takes you further to a more detailed map, combined with additional information about the area, its services, and routes.

For example, finding a new destination to go on a short day hike with your kids is as easy as clicking two buttons. You’re left with only those areas that fit the criteria, allowing you to plan a perfect trip in a blink of an eye.

Product-based perfection

Combining such huge amounts of information to a user-friendly experience was a perfect use case for our Zonetlas Discover product. The product had all the necessary features, and it allowed easy customization of all the details like the appearance and filters.

There’s a built-in option to display large areas on an easily glanceable view with all the different filters and also have more in-depth views of each area separately – think of a more detailed map inside another map. All this information can be customized and embedded to fit its surrounding contents perfectly.

The resulting service is a really beautiful display of modern interactive maps working seamlessly as a natural part of a website’s content. Most importantly, all the captivating areas of Uuvi now have an equal chance to be discovered.

To put it short, Zoneatlas Discover enabled Uuvi to have modern and good-looking maps that are easy to edit and use. It is just that simple.

Key takeaways

What used to be all the information scattered across multiple platforms is now a centralized and easy-to-use service. The beautiful new maps give Uuvi a great tool to spread information about the different areas and encourage their visitors to try out something new. And even the most obvious things like matching the map’s visual style to the surroundings make a huge difference.

We believe that integrating the maps tightly with other content was the perfect way to go. There are just far too many cases of mediocre maps being dumped in the bottom of the about-page, where nobody even visits.

And with maps as pretty as these, you really want people to see them.

The good news is that anybody can do the same. With Zoneatlas Discover, creating your own professional map service is easier than ever before. If you want to make your maps shine as well, hit us up with a message – we’d love to tell you more!

Enter the new era of maps

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