This is the reason why we seek growth from interactive maps

Our history until this day has already been full of interesting chapters and diverse web development projects. The scale of our projects has steadily grown and we have been honing our skills on the fields of map-based products and geographical information systems.

In most cases, an interactive map is understood as an embedded Google Map with a couple of single points of interest. However, we feel that more modern solutions that combine stylish design and induce authentic interaction have lots of unused potential.

In 2019 we made to decision to seek growth from interactive map services, which combine our unique expertise on the fields of design, web development, user experience and geographical information systems.

As a result, we also came across a difficult decision: our company name had to be changed. Tietotemput had been a great name for our web development projects, but unlike Zoneatlas, it didn’t reflect our special expertise. As the company grew, we also wanted our name to sound bigger and be meaningful to our international clients as well. We had mainly concentrated on helping our customers grow, but now we also wanted to invest on our own growth.

We’ve always had a desire to make a dent in the universe. Developing scalable products in addition to offering project-like services creates an opportunity to pursue our goals. At the same time our products help our customers to put their businesses on a map – quite literally. We still serve both old and new clients with the same straightforward attitude, seeking to improve our services even more.

The journey has already been rewarding and we have recruited new, lively personas and experts on various field to our growing team. We have also worked with really interesting clients creating ambitious and completely new services. One really cool example is the map-based participation platform, that we developed for Metsähallitus.

But this is only the beginning on our new journey. There are still countless stories to tell about our partners, colleagues and achievements. That’s why you’ll be hearing a lot more from us through our blog and social media platforms.